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Dr. Cap Lesesne, American trained plastic surgeon dual licensed in the UK and USA. 

About Dr. Lesesne

Dr. Cap Lesesne is the only American trained plastic surgeon who is dual licensed in the United Kingdom and United States. Dr. Lesesne's UK based practice includes a visiting Consultant at Kingston NHS and private practice consultant at The Welbeck Hospital in Marylebone.

Dr. Lesesne's first exposure to the United Kingdom was as an exchange student at Manchester Grammar School from Phillips Academy Andover. 

Dr. Lesesne graduated with high honors from the prestigious Princeton University, USA. He trained at Duke University School of Medicine under the famous UK plastic surgeon, Paul Smith F.R.C.S., and completed his medical residency from Stanford University, USA.  

Dr. Lesesne, who still maintains his busy Park Avenue practice in New York City, lives in London and operates every two weeks.